Sunday, April 3, 2011

Where's MargoYoga?!

It's Spring and I'm feeling bouncy! So I have to say I have DESPERATELY been neglecting my MargoYoga blog and feel it's high time I circulate this blog back into my flow chart of things to do. (Seriously FLOW CHART) I LOVE this medium of communication and love the freedom I feel I have in just emptying thoughts onto beautifully designed pages. Almost like having a diary that you've filled all the pages but are so attached to it's feel and comfort and then suddenly you realize you don't have to let it go you just add a new post! Or perhaps you're tired of the chapters of that old diary and want something fresh and new but don't want to start writing in a new one WITHOUT having filled the old, ALAS just redesign and change your background! Brilliant.

Here a link to my website where all my time has been spent over the past two YEARS in Vessel Yoga Studio. where you can always find me too, however I am really going to try to make blogspot a priority to connect all things Margo with all things Vessel, running your own yoga studio isn't easy! Phew!!