Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back in Chi Town!

Well it took me a bit to get back on track after returning from such a long stay in Spain... But I'm finally back in every sense of the word! Summer in Chicago is amazing, HOT but amazing and after a couple trips to LA and Portland now I'm finally settling in for the duration in Chi until further notice! Things I'm working on right now!

-New yoga space for donation classes in Fulton Market!
-Chicago Marathon Training Runs with Nike, post run yoga sessions! Come to the lake at Foster beach around 7:30am Saturdays and catch a free mini class!
-Regular classes at Om on the check their web schedule for when I'm teaching!
-Last but not least just trying to have some fun before winter hits again!!!

Keep checking the blog because there are so many more fun things to come! I'm working on more videos for Youtube and some more ways to stay connected to all my friends around the world as I continue in Chicago... Sometimes the more settled you get in your roots the more opportunity you have to grow!